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Industrial Grade Flat Thyristor

Supplier : Sun Rex Power Unlimited

Thyristor Based PFC Module

Supplier : Ace Electromagnetics Pvt. Ltd.

Thyristor Modules With Layers

Supplier : V V Electrotech

User Friendly Thyristor Drive

Supplier : Maruti Electronics Equipments

Compact Designed Industrial Thyristors

Supplier : Indo Power Engineers

Fully Digital Thyristor Unit

Supplier : Gama Automation & Controls

Thyristor/ Contactor Switched Apfc System

Supplier : Gb Controls & Services

Compact Designed High Power Thyristor

Supplier : Mungipa Electricals

Corrosion Resistant Power Thyristor

Supplier : Vishal Enterprises

Thyristor Controlled Electric Panel

Supplier : Shyamrai Electronics

Thyristor/ Servo Controlled Battery Charger

Supplier : Transtech Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd.

Thyristor Block

Supplier : H.p. Electronics

Capsule Type Thyristor

Supplier : Modern Power Semiconductor (Pvt.) Ltd

IGBT / SCR / Thyristor Power Assemblies

Supplier : Pulse Digital Device

Capsule Type Phase Control Thyristor

Supplier : Hind Rectifiers Limited

Technical Specification
Three Phase Anti-Parallel Thyristor Module

Supplier : Semikron Electronics Pvt. Ltd.

Glass Passivated Thyristor With Plastic Envelop

Supplier : Hsin Semiconductor Pvt. Ltd.

Thyristors for Sensitive Telecommunication Equipment

Supplier : Tyco Electronics Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.

Technical Specification

Supplier : Continental Device India Limited

Zero-Switching Analog Thyristor Unit

Supplier : Autonics Automation India Pvt Ltd

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Thyristors - Products & Suppliers in India